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Leading Productive Conversations – Moderator Training

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Ever endure a dull or angry meeting and wonder how it could have gone better?
Ever wish you could get your study group, your friends, your work colleagues or your family to talk together more productively?
Come to a moderator training session, hosted by SNF Paideia and Red and Blue Exchange.

You’ll learn concepts and skills that are useful now and will carry forward once you enter the professional work world. (You’ll also get the chance to earn up to $200 per session leading Can We Talk? dialogue events this school year.) Training from the instructors of the SNF Paideia Civil Dialogue Seminar, and other vastly experienced moderators from the PA Project for Civic Engagement.

Penn Open Pass and masks required.

To register, email lindabre@gse.upenn.edu with your name, school and year.

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