AboutOur PeopleBrinn Gammer
Headshot of Brinn Gammer
Fellow, Class of 2024

Brinn Gammer

Criminology, Neuroscience and Health Services Management
Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Brinn sees herself as a life-long activist and enjoys using her public speaking skills to help others. She hopes to use the SNF Paideia fellowship to refine her skills as an activist in the communities in which she wants to serve.

“As a student with very interdisciplinary interests, the SNF Paideia Fellows program is perfect in allowing me to find my niche in activism. Specifically, while I plan on majoring in criminology with minors in neuroscience, Health Services Management, as well as Hispanic Studies, I want to employ public speaking and awareness in these endeavors. Whether it be through public health, mental health awareness, or bioethics, the specific coursework, guidance, and project-based nature of SNF Paideia will allow me to serve my community in the fields that interest me most.”

In her time volunteering in high school, she tutored non-native English speakers, organized peaceful protests, and started a local domestic violence awareness project. Her participation in Penn Mock Trial, an activity she has been involved with since high school, piqued her interest in dialogue. This year, Brinn won Best Witness award in College Mock Trial.

Teaching others to express themselves eloquently and be honest, respectful, and engaged, speech clubs equip students to speak passionately about their beliefs and be receptive to others’ opinions. Further, my continued participation in local organizations in Hazleton, PA is at the intersection of cultures, and these integrative practices foster awareness and vulnerability—key components to wellness.

She has been working in the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the Perelman School of Medicine under Dr. Dominic Sisti. The research she has been assisting Dr. Sisti with was written about in Frontiers in Psychiatry.

Brinn is an intern for the Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice at the Carey Law School and a research assistant for Penn’s Emotion, Development, Environment, Neurogenetics (EDEN) Lab in the Department of Psychology.  Brinn is hopeful that by continuing to be vulnerable and open with others, sharing stories, and engaging in authentic discussion, we will start to bridge political divides.