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Fellow, Class of 2024

Maeve Gonter

Middleton, Wisconsin

Maeve is a nursing student with a specific interest in sexual and reproductive health who aspires to be a women’s health nurse practitioner and certified nurse-midwife. Maeve is the Vice President of Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health and has worked during the virtual year to organize events about sexual health and college students, STI awareness, and birth experience across cultures.

Majoring in Nursing, Maeve strongly believes in the value of a holistic, relationship-based nursing model that is based on establishing active dialogues with all patients as a way to help them build their own sense of long-lasting wellness. Maeve is excited to be able to leverage the tools and network available to her as a SNF Paideia fellow to build upon the current nursing model and become the best clinician possible.

In addition to complementing her development as a Nursing student, the SNF Paideia fellowship will also help drive and inform her interest in politics and political activism. Maeve has always been interested in identifying the most effective ways to communicate and is committed to developing the communication skills necessary to engage in uncomfortable dialogues with colleagues, patients, and families. With the SNF Paideia program’s focus on driving dialogue across difference, Maeve sees the SNF Paideia fellowship as a powerful tool to advance her communication skills and further her interests in cultural competency, patient advocacy, the politics of nursing, and patient care.

Maeve is also a coach for GEARUP, a tutoring program sponsored by the Netter Center that allows her to work closely with high school students in West Philadelphia. In her free time, Maeve enjoys playing soccer and being active and is a member of Student Nurses at Penn and CHAARG.