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Dialogue Resources from SNF Paideia for Addressing Current Events

At any time, our students and colleagues are carrying a great deal into the classroom or workplace with them: burdens and preoccupations that may be highly intimate and personal, public and political, or (often) a combination. Thinking intentionally about how to create space for emotional processing in our gathering spaces — the classroom, the conference room — is always appropriate, whether the goal is to foster meaningful dialogue or simply to diffuse distractions so that the work of the day can be done.
A selection of SNF Paideia produced resources are provided below to help you think about how to address these moments.
Good Talk with Sara Ropp
Good Talk with Sarah Ropp

It becomes especially important, however, in moments of discernible collective unrest in response to major campus, community, national, or global events.

We would like to share a few resources that may help you think about how to address these moments. We welcome feedback and the sharing of additional practices. Please email sropp@upenn.edu with your thoughts. As these resources evolve in collaboration with our communities, the most up-to-date version will always be available on this blog post.

Resources by Sarah Ropp

When Emotions Run High (Addressing what’s happening beyond the classroom or office.)
A Structure for Processing Current Events (My News)
Getting Ready to Dialogue (A primer for engaging in dialogue, including helpful scripts for difficult moments.)
Practicing Presence (Connecting with your bodymind for deeper dialogue with self + other.)

Resources by Katerina Traut

Options for Action: Responding to Political Crisis – Infographic (A diversity of 9 options)
Options for Action: Responding to Political Crisis – Expanded Infographic (Reminders and more details)


Facilitating Dialogue
Facilitating Dialogue

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