EngageEventsListening Well After the 2020 Election: How Do We Connect Across Political Difference?
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Listening Well After the 2020 Election: How Do We Connect Across Political Difference?

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The 2020 U.S. election emphasized deep U.S. fragmentation around issues of culture, economics, race and even responses to the COVID 19 pandemic. As Thanksgiving approaches and we imagine encountering friends and family who may have voted differently than we did, how are we thinking about those conversations? Is there a way to restore trust and repair relationships?

In this current moment it can feel especially hard to engage in dialogue across difference as conversation invites openness and vulnerability. Join the SNF Paideia Program as we learn from Batsirai Bvunzawabaya from Counseling and Psychological Services at Penn how we can listen to those with whom we may disagree in ways that best balance wellness. Lia Howard, a political scientist, and SNF Paideia’s student advising and wellness director will help provide context for this election as will our event co-sponsor the Fox Leadership Program’s Director of Operations, Andrew Arenge, who will provide insight into analyzing polling data.

This event will take place over Zoom with a combination of large and small break-out group portions. Registration required and open to Penn community.

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