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Fellow, Class of 2023

Sydney Nixon

Philadelphia, PA

Sydney has been involved with the Model United Nations team for over four years. Originally, through her high school, and more recently as a member of the Model UN club at Penn. Learning how to negotiate with other delegates, and convey her ideas in a compelling manner, is what initially sparked her interest in dialogue.

She continued to explore this interest through the SNF Paideia Program designated course “Can We Talk? Courageous Civility for Troubled Times,” where she developed an even deeper understanding of the importance of civil dialogue in society today. The class not only increased her awareness of the importance of having open, meaningful conversations across difference, she also gained a perspective on how easy it is to over-simplify issues by shutting out opposing perspectives. Sydney is curious to explore what, if any, facets of American life have not been politicized and the long-term implications this political polarization will have on the future of bi-partisan cooperation in America.

Sydney recognizes the contemporary turbulent political environment and is interested in exploring the modern, American, political identity. Through her work as an intern with FactCheck.org and the Data & Network Science concentration at the Annenberg School for Communication, Sydney will focus her academic education on understanding the use of data, diction, and the distortion of facts to sway the beliefs and action of the American public.